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Mold Removal Services

Thorough Mold Removal Services Available

As a commonly undetected health hazard, mold problems in properties can often grow until they're literally too big to ignore. If your space has been infected by mold and you've been unable to handle the problem, a single call to Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction will have one of our mold removal specialists on the way and ready to remedy the situation.

The most common cause of mold cases in Pahrump has to do with trapped moisture, whether from a slow water leak, a flooding incident, or simply from excess humidity. In dealing with a mold infection, we'll start by identifying where the mold is coming from and then work to eliminate not only the existing mold but also the conditions that are causing its growth.

In addition to a response to an existing mold condition, Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction is also happy to provide mold inspections for any Pahrump property. Upon request, we'll investigate to see if any mold infections are currently present and provide an affordable cost solution to have the infection professionally removed prior to a property sale.

A third party, “Air Quality Test,” will give you peace of mind that your space is a healthy environment once again.

At the first sign of mold in your property, call Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction at 775 751-2845.