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Fire Damage

Immaculate Fire Damage Restoration

Little can prepare you for a fire to your property. Even worse, there's similarly no preparation for the aftermath of even a small fire – the flames may have been quickly contained, but they're quickly replaced by charred surfaces, odour, and a mess that's nearly impossible to clean. Fortunately, Cunningham is a fire damage professional and know exactly what needs to be done to bring your property back to pristine condition.

After a fire or smoke damage, the first thing the Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction Team will do is make a full assessment and determine the right way to respond. Every fire is different, creating the need for a flexible approach that not only figures out the depth of the problem but also devises an effective solution.

Because we know that a fire can happen at any time, Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction is available for emergency response. In addition, we'll work directly with your existing insurance company to make sure that all paperwork is completed property and that you receive the full benefits of your coverage.

Trust Cunningham Water Clean Up & Construction for your fire restoration needs and watch us make your property better than it was before your loss. Call our Pahrump office today at 775 751-2845